Dance is Life


We’re super excited to have Gabriel Francisco join as our newest dance instructor and DJ at EmBODYment Maui!

As an International presenter, Gabriel Francisco has spent the last 16 years connecting, sharing and inspiring on the highest, most professional level of dance education. From studios and workshops in Japan and Brazil to teaching choreography in Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, Gabriel has given his entire adult life over to unlocking the movement potential in other beings.

At EmBODYment, Gabriel will be offering his incredibly popular workshop: Dance is Life. Here’s an interview with a little more about Gabriel, his thoughts on movement, and his offering for us in Maui!

What does "dance is life" mean to you? What is the core intention in this type of dance? Why do you believe this is so powerful?

Gabriel: Dance is life, therefore Life is a Dance. Becoming more graceful, powerful, and efficient throughout our lifetimes only happens with insight, a dedication to self, and an exploration of space and time. This workshop offers all of the above and more. The core intention of this class is to further unlock your movement-life potential allowing greater access and freedom from mind to body.

How would you describe musicality to a new dancer?

Gabriel: Musicality is secret to the movement universe. Recognizing the percussive layers, pitch, tone, and message of a song is integral yet is a meditation all its own.

What advice do you have for someone trying dance or a new kind of dance for the first time in their life?

Gabriel: Relax and then relax again. Judge not and breathe deep. Enjoy!

What are you most excited about at EmBODYment this year?

Gabriel: Being in Hawaii for the first time in my life and giving my all to a very special group of people who are ready to push their limits, dropping deep into connection, to take life and living to the next level.

What is your favorite quote? What does it mean to you?

Gabriel: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

[And also] Zoom out. Relax. Breathe. We are but the taste buds on the tongue of the Universe.

What do you imagine retreat guests will take home with them after a week in paradise taking your classes?

Gabriel: A much greater insight into life, dance, music, and each other.

Here’s Gabriel in action:


We can’t wait to flow into the dance floor with you at EmBODYment Maui! See you there!