Organic, raw chocolate and custom-made cakes to order!

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Minx Raw Chocolate

Mikka has been making raw chocolate nonstop for the last 8 years. She uses only the highest quality, fair-trade, organic raw cacao and cacao butter. She makes a variety of unique flavors including some favorites; mesquite ginger, salted vanilla maca, and lavender cardamom. Her chocolate can be purchased by monthly subscription in pint or quart jars. Check out reviews & raw food blog here. Contact Mikka to order a jar or taste samples of her latest creations! 

Chocolate Making Class

Do you love chocolate?
Want to learn how to make your own?
Need a therapeutic, creative, healthy outlet?

Book a class for you and your friends to enjoy a super fun afternoon of making your own delicious raw chocolate! She will teach you her secret recipe to make incredible, healthy, delicious raw chocolate in your own kitchen. It's time to enrich YOUR life with the beauty of homemade raw chocolate! 

Contact Mikka to book a class.


Check out this live video of one of her raw chocolate workshops in Norway:

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Minx Custom Made Cakes

Mikka's cakes are made to order with ingredients and decor customized to your special occasion. She specializes in raw vegan ice cream cakes with elaborate cake art creations but she can make just about anything you can dream up. Some of her creations are displayed in the gallery below. Popular flavors include: banana cashew cream, lavender coconut, Madagascar bourbon vanilla spice and mocha hazelnut chocolate. Contact Mikka to order your custom made cake for your next special occasion!


Minx Cakes


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