Introducing Our Bodyworker, Ben Murphy


We’d like to give a warm “Aloha!” to our retreat massage therapist, Ben Murphy. Ben is a Neuro-Structural Bodywork specialist who emphasizes breath and mindfulness in his work. He calls it Somato-Emotional Integration. He’ll be joining us from Portland, Oregon, and will be available for private sessions during our week together.

What is Neuro-Structural Bodywork?

Ben explains it as “not a particular modality, but a synthesis of different modalities.” He combines techniques like trigger points, myofascial massage, craniosacral therapy, active and passive stretching, deep tissue, and Swedish massage “to facilitate shifts in bone and muscle alignment.”

And Somato-Emotional Integration?

Ben merges mindfulness techniques and breathwork to bring a more holistic healing approach.

“This work is integrative in many different ways,” he says. “It’s an integration of different styles and it re-integrates structural elements into the receiver’s conscious awareness. In other words, the client will gain a greater sense of feeling and control of movement throughout their body. This is the primary intent of neurostructural bodywork."

“With the right balance of depth and safety, the body and mind will process otherwise repressed experiences. They could be emotional, physical, or psychological.” He explains, “The body knows what it needs to heal itself. My job is to listen, follow where it leads, and bring the receiver’s awareness along for the ride, so they can bring the experience with them, when they get up off the table.” 


We asked Ben…

What are you most looking forward to during the EmBODYment Maui Retreat?

I'm looking forward to supporting Mikka's vision for this retreat, which aligns deeply with the way I practice bodywork. We both view the connection one has to the body, as the foundation for deepening one's awareness of self and subsequently deepening one's capacity to connect with other. I hope to provide each individual that gets on my table an opportunity to feel fully present and in alignment with their depth.

What are you passionate about besides massage?

I am studying Music Composition at Portland State University. I love music. Learning to express myself has been a big part of my journey and expression through music is becoming one of the most satisfying experiences I've had so far in my 29 years.

I'm also studying a mystic tradition called Ankhar Muse. I'm fascinated by myth, story, spirituality, philosophy, human relationships, and of course moving my body in all sorts of entertaining ways: dance, yoga, qigong, climbing. 

Don’t miss your chance to meet Ben and experience his unique style of bodywork at the Maui Retreat this November!

If you will be in Portland this weekend, Mikka and Ben are offering a free therapeutic acroyoga class and party in Portland THIS FRIDAY October 6th!

The EmBODYment Maui Retreat Team!