How to Break Up with Integrity


Mikka & her ex-husband, Andre

People of the Dating World. I am so sick of hearing my friends vent to me, about how the guy/girl they were dating, gave them a bullshit, false answer as to why they are breaking up or ending whatever they had. 

I'm gonna make it super simple for you. Here's Mikka's 3 parts to a break up text/call/talk with integrity:

1. Appreciate the time spent you guys spent together/your connection with that person

2. Tell them the honest reason you don't want to date them that is not the fault of either you or him/her.

3. Express interest in future connection OR Wish them well in their dating life


1. It was really great to spend time with you

2. I wasn't feeling chemistry between us 

3. I'll see you around the climbing gym! 

Feel free to elaborate on #1 or #3 and only #2 if the person asks and is ready and capable of hearing more