The Future is Alive in San Francisco


As much as I enjoyed the time-consuming evenings adventuring into the bitter cold darkness in hat & gloves, just to go to the grocery store, and then hours in the kitchen making dinner from scratch while drinking wine. I was entertained by the slow, family-style dinners with people who had nothing to do and nowhere to be; having conversations about those annoying Californians who demand everything instantly and contaminate the world with technology...

I was relieved to be picked up at the airport tonight from my road-raged Lyft driver who got me home quickly to Amira Kat. Now we're enjoying our sprig dinner that arrived 4 minutes after ordering it, in our warm, expensive, efficiently-designed apartment where we haven't turned the heater on in years. Lit by the glow of street lights and neon signs outside the window, we are having extremely productive conversations though my oversized iPhone via social media and millions of messages, all business related, with no bullshit.

Seriously. SO happy to be home.

#iLeftThePastInOregon #ITookMyBrainToSF