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The Future is Alive in San Francisco

As much as I enjoyed the time-consuming evenings adventuring into the bitter cold darkness in hat & gloves, just to go to the grocery store, and then hours in the kitchen making dinner from scratch while drinking wine. I was entertained by the slow, family-style dinners with people who had nothing to do and nowhere to be; having conversations about those annoying Californians who demand everything instantly and contaminate the world with technology...

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3 Days, 3 Nights and 3 Incredible First Dates.

I didn't take a road trip to Oregon to spend the entire 72 hours on okc dates. My friends were driving up there for the weekend and offered me a ride.. I had had an intense dream about my college ex boyfriend... I missed my sister. I missed hot summer nights.. Oh and then there was my dads wedding. All of this synchronicity resulted in me finding myself in the back seat on the I-5 relieving emotional stress the only way I know how to: online dating.

It was 10pm on Thursday as we finally rolled into Eugene. I was planning to stay at my ex's house. I figured I'd have a cocktail with an okc guy first to take my mind off the stress of seeing my ex...

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