Introducing Maia Adams!


We’re so excited that our good friend, Maia will be joining us at the EmBODYment Festival this year!!!

Maia Adams is an aerial artist who synthesizes her background in gymnastics and comedic improv with her multidisciplinary circus training that began in 2009 to bring her audience a chimera of flight and vaudeville antics, Maia entices audiences to literally scream, “oh shit!”, keeping everyone on their edge of their seats with her acrobatic feats. Her performances of aerial hoop, aerial silk, and contortion have bewitched audiences across a variety of venues from family-friendly and corporate environments to nightclubs and festivals. Notable clients include SF Giants, Mars Bar candy company, & Grey Goose.

Maia carries a RYT- 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training certificate as well as RYT-30 hour aerial yoga teacher training certificate and is the founder of Aerial Artique, an aerial fitness studio located in SF.

Maia has dedicated her love and devotion to the aerial arts, contortion, acrobatics and hand balancing for the last 6 years and has had the honor of training under Naomi Aeva, Cindy Lijima, Laura Stokes, Kerri Kresinski & TT Robson. Her favorite part about teaching is guiding someone through their first class and seeing the joy it brings to them when they realize they can do things they never imagined.

Tell us about your offerings at EmBODYment. Why do you love sharing these offerings?

Maia: I will be offering aerial silk and hoop classes at EmBODYment Maui 2018! I love sharing aerial arts because of its unorthodox nature. it's tapping into parts of yourself that breed courage, strength, and confidence. I love being the guide for anyone who's trying it for the first time, so that I may witness the surprise and amazement on their faces after a class. It's truly the most rewarding thing I can think of.


Was there a specific moment/experience/insight that helped you realize your passion for aerial arts?

Maia: I tried aerial silks inside a circus warehouse at a time when I was working a 9-5 office job and feeling stuck. It was the first time I felt totally and utterly free and amazingly enough alongside such a rich community of artists. I knew it was what I wanted to pursue from the moment I started.


What does embodiment mean to you? What inspired you to work on the retreat with Mikka?

Maia: This retreat holds all of the principles that I seek in my own life and wish to share with the world. Finding your joy, your light, and your process through movement styles of the most beautiful variety and community. Dance and getting upside down brings the community together in the most special way. When we can all break free from rigidity and tune into the fluidity of our bodies and our spirit, that is where some real, pure magic happens.


What are you most excited about EmBODYment this year?

Maia: I am not sure I can pick just one thing: Maui, in general, is a dream. Hale Akua Garden Farm, ugh! Kyra Love's food, Chelsea Kirby's Qi Gong! Libby's Dance Hall! Mikka's Pole classes <3 I am overflowing in gratitude to be part of this lineup AND that my partner, Graham Patzner will also be attending & playing some oh so beautiful music.


What is your favorite quote? What does it mean to you?

Maia: There is a certain quote that keeps popping up recently in my life, "That which you lend your focus to becomes your reality." I have been trying to lend my focus to all the amazing things I can dream up in life and less to the anxious worries of my mind and I gotta say its working on creating a better here and now but it's diligent work to do so. I try to incorporate some of my own simple philosophies in my classes and I tell students, that before they even start the class to take pause and thank themselves for showing up to their life and participating!


What advice do you have for someone who wants to try an aerial class for the first time?

Maia: With anything new in life, come with curiosity and compassion. Celebrate the smallest victories every chance you get and if that first class is with me, I'll be there making sure you are giggling most of the way through.


What do you imagine retreat guests will take home with them after a week in paradise taking your classes?

Maia: Retreats are SO, SO special. I'd imagine this will have a huge effect on all of us, guests and staff, alike. Guests will take home a sense of purpose, inspiration, and joy to share with everyone back home.

Come fly in the gorgeous Hawaiian skies at EmBODYment Maui this October!